Simple & Easy Toddler Activity

As summer weather starts to wind down, and I pack away shorts and t-shirts and realize that I am not ready for cold and snow just yet. Having an 18-month old toddler during summer was absolutely the best. Going to parks, hikes, pools or even just a walk down the street to get the mail is an adventure with the little guy in tow. We stop to examine grass, flowers and ants as they run quickly away from my curious toddler who would love nothing more than to pick one up.

But his absolute favorite thing this summer? His water table.

I was inspired after visiting Sunflower Farm and saw how much he absolutely loved the hen coop turned into a play house filed with corn kennels. Hey, what a great idea! I kept my eyes open the next time I was at the grocery store and found the cheapest item I could fill his water table with which turns out to be pinto beans. I bought the biggest bag and hauled it back home, once I dumped it into the water table and threw in some cups and scoopers it was instant fun!

So simple and easy.