Toddler Dinners : The Tools

Feeding a small human is a task in itself somedays. So to make life easier, here are a few of my favorite tools that I love and couldn’t live without.


Libbey 6.5oz glass containers with plastic lids –

These Libbey glass containers. I made all of BabyBird’s purees when he was a baby and these containers were the perfect portion to store my homemade goodies. Plus they were also a great way to transport them to and from daycare. And since they are made of glass, I didn’t have to worry about BPA and they did not stain. Now that he is a toddler, these containers are perfect to store pasta portions or a little bit of left overs to save for the next meal. We still use them for his lunches for daycare, and 4 of these pack perfectly in his lunch box.



Geo Animal Divided Plates, made of melamine and eco-friendly bamboo. Phthalate- and BPA-free. Pottery Barn Kids

Divided Plates. There’s a lot of them out there, but I fell in love with these at Pottery Barn Kids {along with most things from that store}. They have little rubber feet on the back so it helps to keep the plate in place as he is practicing in using his fork. And although somedays I complain about it having 4 divided sections and therefore trying to find 4 different foods to fill it with at each meal it does almost guarantee that he is getting a well balanced meal.



Amco Collapsible Steamer, Stainless Steel –

A steamer tray. This fits perfectly inside one of my pots and I use it a lot to steam his broccoli or carrots so it helps to perserve the nutrients in the food while I cook it. I drizzle in some olive oil and seasonings right on top when the food is almost done cooking to add in some flavor.




What are some of your must have items for feeding a toddler?