Love you! Good night!

Dear BabyBird,

Tonight before bed I got to hear, unprompted, two words I’ve been saying to you every night since you were born: “love you!” You were turning off your light with a boost in Mama’s arms and about to lay down in your crib after bath and stories which is usually when I get a hug, kiss, wave, or simply “bye”. But tonight you just smiled and said “Love you! Good night!” Mama just about melted and we of course followed up with a huge “I love you too!” and “uug” (hug) all around. It made my evening and I keep smiling just thinking about it.

You’ve been chattering up a storm recently with everything from “uh oh” and “gall gone” (all gone) and “NO” to the cutest little “thank you” (also starting to come unprompted!), counting, signing, and asking us all sorts of things like to close doors, get something that’s dropped, and to “try” or “share” what we’re eating, but this one was definitely special and I hope we get to hear it more often! It’s really fun to be able to communicate both ways with words now, even if yours are still bits and pieces (and still occasionally made-up).

Oh, and I also love that you now cheer for me with a big “hooray” and arms up after we go for a run – best motivation ever, keep it up!