Sunflower Farm

Last week, we spent a morning at Sunflower Farm in Longmont. It’s a great little farm tucked away up a hill with breath taking views of the flatirons mountains and perfectly sized for little tikes to run around. The entire farm is tailored to toddlers and preschoolers. There were free roaming turkeys, chickens and baby chicks, and a goose waddling around. Animals in pens to feed and pet, a cool treehouse {with a suspension bridge which was a bit scary and awkward with an 18 month old}, a big swing, old school merry-go-rounds, an old chicken coop turned into a corn box, pony rides and overall a great time.


Gobble Gobble. Checking out the free roaming turkeys. This kid walked right up to them and was not afraid. However, later in the day as he was approach the two males pictured above, a female turkey was upset and started making noise and freaked BabyBird out. Guess she was making her presence known.


Going on a wagon ride around the farm with his buddy. These two guys are only a 11 days apart in age.


Wandering around the hay maze.


Boys and tractors.



An old hen house turned into a “sandbox” filled with corn kennels.


Old silo turned into a sandbox filled with toys and trucks for the kids to play in.


Eating lunch outside on the lawn while a tortoise and hens wandered around us.



A great outing with these two boys. If you venture out there, I would recommend going Mon-Thurs as it would be less busy but still a great place to take a toddler to explore a farm and pet animals. I am always surprised and delighted when I find these great gems to take kids to and this place is one of my favorites.