18 Month Update

Whoa. 1.5 years old. How did that happen?

I know everyone says how fast time goes, but when you have a baby toddler time really does go fast and yet somedays nap time can’t come fast enough. I can ask you questions on what you’d like for your snack or give you options and you can communicate back which one you prefer. You love going on runs with Daddy in the jogging stroller and sometimes you even request it.

At 18 months you are…

:: Weigh 24 pounds

:: Wearing 18-24 month clothes. But 2T jammies.

:: 80% for height

:: 14% for weight

:: One nap a day, from 12:30 to about 3pm on average.



:: Love cheese, peas, pasta, all fruit and smoothies.

:: Will eat a sandwich {finally!}, veggie corn dogs, quesadilla with veggies or meat fillings.

:: Milk is still your favorite drink of choice. But Daddy’s smoothies are a very close second.

:: Help clean up any messes or spills.



:: Lately your favorite place to play is the fort we build for you in our living room between two ottomans and the couch. You love to climb on top and hang out and crawl up and down the couch all by yourself.

:: You can high step and spin around.

:: Just learned how to kick a ball.

:: Absolutely love reading. You’ll pick out books and bring them over to me and plop your little behind in my lap and command ask me to read.

:: Love reading the Llama Llama books and can recite the words.

:: Understand when I ask you to hand me a toy, or to put something away. But we are still working on cleaning up your toys.



:: For the most part you have been pretty good. We had a rough patch a few weeks ago when you were waking up numerous times at night crying out for a drink of water.

:: On the days you go to school {a Montessori daycare for 3 days a week} you come home so exhausted and cranky in the evenings. You are just so worn out and after dinner you are so ready to head to your crib and lay down.



:: Learned and uses his opposites correctly. Like open/close, on/off.

:: Chain words together on your own like: me-me back, drink plwease, thank you mama.

:: Says Thank you unprompted.

:: Narrate your own world as you play.

:: Starting to sing the ABCs

:: Pretend to read your books out loud.

:: Will walk right up to me and ask for a hug.

:: Will ask for us to ‘share’ or ‘try’ if we are eating anything. Best is when I say that my phone or any other object is not his toy, you’ll look up at me and say ‘share?’ Yeah, you got me there, kid.


You are a lot of fun, and full of spunk. I love you baby, to the moon and back.