Love you! Good night!

Dear BabyBird,

Tonight before bed I got to hear, unprompted, two words I’ve been saying to you every night since you were born: “love you!” You were turning off your light with a boost in Mama’s arms and about to lay down in your crib after bath and stories which is usually when I get a hug, kiss, wave, or simply “bye”. But tonight you just smiled and said “Love you! Good night!” Mama just about melted and we of course followed up with a huge “I love you too!” and “uug” (hug) all around. It made my evening and I keep smiling just thinking about it.

You’ve been chattering up a storm recently with everything from “uh oh” and “gall gone” (all gone) and “NO” to the cutest little “thank you” (also starting to come unprompted!), counting, signing, and asking us all sorts of things like to close doors, get something that’s dropped, and to “try” or “share” what we’re eating, but this one was definitely special and I hope we get to hear it more often! It’s really fun to be able to communicate both ways with words now, even if yours are still bits and pieces (and still occasionally made-up).

Oh, and I also love that you now cheer for me with a big “hooray” and arms up after we go for a run – best motivation ever, keep it up!


Growing Up

our neighborhood park


This was the day I sat on the bench while my fearless 18 month old toddler played at the park. by. himself. As in, without his Momma walking with him and going down the slides together. He was brave, independent and full of energy. He climbed to the very top of the structure, slid down and hopped off the slide to run around in the sand and back to the stairs to do it again.

As my proud momma heart soared while watching my child maneuver the playground equipment with ease and {as I held my breath} sliding down the slides going {thankfully} feet first each time, I could see that my baby was growing up. Now I can comfortability sit on the bench with my iPhone in hand snapping pictures and relax while my baby boy played.

Mom Friends

{and what you don’t see in this picture is the line of dads on the other side all with cameras and phones snapping pictures as quickly as possible before 12 toddlers melt down}


Dear Mommy Friends,

What a crazy journey we have been on. From having newborns and how to swaddle to breastfeeding woes and colic, teething and blow outs, crawling to running, both the ups and downs of motherhood and now we are on the brink of potty training and getting baby fever all over again.

We all met from different groups, playdates and get togethers. But what ultimately kept us all together for the past 2 years, wasn’t the fact that we all had babies who were weeks apart in age, all lived in the same city, shared the same mothering beliefs, but it was was our mutual and common love of… food & alcohol. Seriously. I’m not kidding. This is our get out of the house for one night and relax and enjoy booze and dinner while our husbands put the kids to bed group {and where we learned to pump ‘n dump after we returned home} turned sewing/knitting group and weekly playdates.

Here sitting at an end of summer BBQ, while our toddlers freely ran around the backyard and played with their friends who they’ve been around since birth was amazing.

Blessed to have these ladies in my life while we travel through this journey of motherhood together.

Picking Raspberries

I am always surprised at finding these natural and wholesome activities to do with small children. Given that I live one of the countries pro-breastfeeding, attachment-parenting, natural everything, baby wearing, organic living, yoga enthusiastic cities… Boulder, Colorado {and yes, we are also famous for that tragic jonbenet ramsey case and legal marijuana dispensaries that are more popular than Starbucks} Not to mention the beautiful mountain back drop that surrounds every aspect of the city.

A mom friend suggested an afternoon raspberry picking outgoing and the thought of little toddlers running around raspberries bushing {eating their fill of fresh off the vine raspberries} was too cute to resist. So I picked up BabyBird from school early that afternoon and made the trek into Boulder to meet up at a little local farm that had rows upon rows of raspberry bushes. Both red and golden raspberries. You enter through a side gate of their house with a prefect lawn and hen coops before making your way out back to the open farm space.



What was the best part of the farm? Why, it’s the pile of dirt at the end of the raspberry bushes. After our little helpers assisted the moms in picking raspberries, they all gravitated towards this pile of dirt. It was absolutely the best to climb up and slide down, and then climb up again.

A perfect fall afternoon, bellies filled with raspberries, friends and a pile of dirt. What more does a toddler need?

Hoot n’ Howl Farm, Boulder CO.