Nederland Lake Hike :: one year later ::

O be still my heart. BabyBird, 5 months old.


BabyBird, 17 months, snuggled up with me.

Last weekend we ventured out to Nederland and did the same hike we did last 4th of July. We walked around the lake, stopped at the shore line to throw rocks into the lake {BabyBird’s favorite summer time activity} and went into town for a late lunch and stopped by the Carousal of Happiness {for reals, that is the name} for his first ever carousal ride. BabyBird was so brave, and rode on his little animal all by himself {with a lap belt securely in place}

My how much has changed in just one year. Okay kid, stop growing so fast.


  • Michy loving our journey

    isn’t it great to redo things that year later–pics are too cute! :) blessings!