Oh, the Shenanigans

In a week, BabyBird will be 18 months old. A year and a half. Oh, boy are we starting to see the personality attitude.

First, BabyBird has learned how to get my attention when he is in his crib. Instead of crying out and saying momma or dada, he cries out asking for a drink of water. Of course, I cannot deny my child water. So of course I go up and give in to giving him just one more sip of water. This is also the first thing I hear every morning when he wakes up.

BabyBird is feeling more and more independent on the things he wants to do himself. Like putting on his Crocs by himself and by no means should I even think about touching his foot or the shoe during this process. Thank goodness they are easy to slip into. :: Side note, I always thought Crocs were the ugliest shoes but for babies and toddlers they are absolutely adorable and makes so much more sense on little feet ::

He is just full of spunk. Lately, with him being in the toddler room at his school he has learned how to say mine, when he is playing with a toy. So for fun, I mess around with him and take the toy from his hands and he just looks at me and says, share? Oh jeez kid. Or when I am busy with something and he walks up to me with a book in hand and asks me to read to him. He knows exactly how to get to me.

But along with the cuteness, is the mini-tantrums when things aren’t going his way complete with an ear piercing scream. 60 seconds later, he’s happy again and ready to run around and play. Oh kid, you keep me on my toes.