Silly at the Piano

Dear BabyBird,

You’ve started playing some new games with me when we play piano each night. While you’re still really patient and eager to sit there and listen most of the time (one of the only times you’ll sit still with me this long outside running in the BOB stroller), you’ve gotten a lot more actively involved in the past couple weeks.

For one thing, you’re really good at picking out individual notes yourself now and love to play random tunes on both your toy piano and the big piano before we start playing songs. And if pause for a “baby solo” you’ll jump right in and contribute.

But even funnier than that are the silly games you’ve starting playing. One is to grab one or both of my hands and yank them away from the keys, laughing with glee as the other hand keeps playing by itself and both return only at your pleasure. Even sillier (and quite surprising the first time you sprung it on me), you’ll randomly lift up my shirt and check to make sure I still have a belly button while we’re playing. You see, random belly button checks have become a favorite of yours since we pointed out that you, me, and Mama all have one a few weeks ago, so now on top of pointing yours and ours out any time they’re visible you like to spring a spot check on us every now and then, and sitting with me at the piano has become a prime opportunity. I’m mostly used to it now and try to assure you that I still have one and keep playing, but it’s pretty funny.

One step beyond that, and quite a bit more shocking (as Mama can attest from my “AHHHH WTF” the first time it happened), is that you’ve figured out how to pick your nose, will secretly do it while you’re in my lap and I’m playing (where I can’t necessarily see it), and if you decide you don’t want to eat those boogers you’ll stick your fingers up into my mouth and quickly force feed them to me. This is as disgusting, insane, and funny as it sounds, and unlike the belly button checks I have NOT gotten used to this one. Granted, you are my kiddo and on top of the usual fare like butt wiping you’ve spit up into my mouth (and along with the delightfully sticky, warm, sort of disgustingly sweet taste, the simultaneous creepy realization that I now knew what Mama’s breastmilk tasted like), sneezed in my face, farted in my face, and peeed all over me in public, so I can’t say having to eat your boogers is the worst ever, but the timing is impeccable and your smirk and giggle when you do it leaves me knowing I just got owned by my sneaky little son.

Finally, along with the explosion of other random words and phrases you’ve been picking up it’s really heartwarming to have you asking for a specific song. Your current favorite which gets requested every night is the 3rd Movement “Alla Turca” from Mozart’s Piano Sonata K331, a classic pick I must admit and what comes out as something between “gaga” and “tooka” depending how much effort you’re giving it. You’ll happily bop and bounce along, and it often earns me applause at the end. While you still have a heavy preference for hearing your same favorites over and over (at least until I sneak new ones in often enough that they become new favorites… muahahah!), you’ve also started loving it when I play them differently in all sorts of silly arrangements. Two octaves higher or lower, with a latin beat, extra slow, or extra fast (which we call turbo, and gets requested urgently as “too-ro” when you want it) are just a few, and it delights you to no end. I can even play a song straight up nearly all the way through and then switch up just a few lines and you will totally laugh and get it on the spot which is really amazing and neat.

It’s really cool that we’ve been playing almost nightly since you were a couple weeks old through a year and a half and I’m so excited for you to start really playing by yourself, if you want to, in the next year or two!