Throwing Rocks

Dear BabyBird,

You love throwing rocks into water. It’s pretty much one of your favorite things to do these days. Ever since we went down by the creek on a walk a few months ago and did it for the first time, you’re totally addicted. To name a few you started out along Boulder Creek near Lafayette, gave it another shot at Boulder Reservoire at Momma’s company picnic, into the Pacific Ocean visiting Gramama in Seattle, into the lake at Nederland, and today into the Boulder Creek again by Boulder Falls.

When we went for a walk last night you kept wiggling out of holding hands to bend down and pick up every rock along the way, looking earnestly for a good place to throw them (my favorite was from landscaping into unsuspecting people’s grassy yards), and get seriously mad if we try to interrupt you. We can barely even walk from the car into a restaurant if there are any rocks available for picking up nearby.

Also, when there is water involved you truly have no fear of it. While today was a pretty hot day, Boulder Creek is still a bit chilly but while Momma went back to the car to get your Crocs for wading, you happily tromped right in, shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt, to get a better position for optimal throwing. You’ll walk around, even sit down in the water, completely unfazed by it. I’m proud, amazed, and a little scared that you have absolutely zero fear of water, but it’s great that you love playing in it so much. And after seeing me make a huge splash with some really big rocks (yes, I am actively fueling this obsession – not gonna lie), you’ll try really hard to pick up the big ones yourself which is adorable when they’re nearly as big as your head.

I’m sorry in advance for all the places that don’t have rocks, don’t have water, or worst of all have both but we don’t let you throw the rocks into the water. We will try hard to keep finding places that do since you love it so much!