Oh, hello there

It’s already August. And this is my first post for the month. Hmm… I can explain

Olympics started and it has taken over my evenings now after BabyBird goes to bed. The hubs and I hang out on the couch with our devices and try not to spoil who wins by avoiding twitter.

So a few quick things I wanted to jot down before I forget from these last two weeks.

:: BabyBird had a really rough few days at school, 2 weeks ago. Bad combination of teething plus coming home from vacation and getting back into the regular routine.

:: Visited the Denver Botanic Gardens.

:: Last weekend, BabyBird rode on his first ever carousal. Alone. {with a seat belt, of course}

:: Went to our first moonbeamers gymnastics class. Can I tell you that my heart was absolutely melting at the sight of mini-balance beams, mini-uneven bars, mini-horse and rings after watching the women gymnastic team win Gold? That balance beam is no joke. Oh, and we were the only boy.

:: BabyBird comes home caked with a lovely mixture of sweat, sunscreen, lunch and … sand. I swear this kid must be dumping buckets of it on himself when he’s at school. It’s in-between his toes, inside his shoes, shorts, diaper… everywhere!

:: Me-Me his beloved monkey friend is here to stay. More on this later. As well as the rest of our Seattle vacation to write down.

PJs in the afternoon and sitting in his push cart toy