Babies & Friends

Today I had brunch with some girlfriends who I’ve known since forever with the little guy in tow.

Now something happened. Somewhere during lunch inbetween offering BabyBird a different snack to keep him busy before our meal came and pushing utensils out of his reach, I realized how different this lunch was from all the other lunch dates we’ve had in the last decade. Somewhere in the midst of entertaining BabyBird and listening to the conversation that was happening next to me, it became clear to me that I was a bit disjointed in what was going on. We talked about family and updates on health, how other friends were doing, then what we’ve been up to, recent work or school adventures, and somewhere in there I summed up motherhood in the last 18 months as been fun and oh, look how adorable he is. Isn’t he just so cute sitting there in his highchair gobbling up yogurt melts?

When the customary question came around to my turn, ‘So what have you guys been up to? Planning any trips? See any good movies lately?’ I think I literally stared back blankly and pointed at my son sitting at the end of the table. I was thinking to myself, you know nothing much, I just brought a new little life into the world and then sustained life with my own boobs, then taught him how to walk, eat, and sleep.

I can’t blame them.

They don’t have children yet.

How can I possibility explain to them in words how much motherhood has changed me in the last 18 months? Carrying my child for 9 months, giving birth naturally, the joys and lows of breastfeeding, caring for a baby and tending to their every need, and the mom guilt of having a career all at the same time. That you will grow closer to your partner than ever before, and your relationship changes completely with a baby and now not only do you look at him as your husband but also the father of your child.

Motherhood and the tolls it has on you emotionally and physically. The sheer exhaustion of sleep deprivation for the first year, and the highs and the lows of being a first time mother. The pure joy of watching your offspring put one foot in front of the other and walk for the first time, when their hands meet and clap, say mommy, and how it melts your heart to get two little chubby arms wrapped around you for a hug. How do I convey to them the absolute love you feel for a tiny human and the automatic need to protect your offspring from both an outlet & oncoming traffic.

How do you explain motherhood over lunch?

You can’t.

All I could muster was that he’s a sweet boy, agreed wholeheartedly that he was the perfect mix of the two of us, and the conversation moved on.

I can’t explain it, and certainly not over lunch.

But when the time comes when they have cracked nipples, spit up on their shirt, haven’t showered and been wearing the same yoga pants for the 3rd day in a row and need to get out of the house for a few hours for sanity reasons. I’ll be there and we’ll have lunch.

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Nederland Lake Hike :: one year later ::

O be still my heart. BabyBird, 5 months old.


BabyBird, 17 months, snuggled up with me.

Last weekend we ventured out to Nederland and did the same hike we did last 4th of July. We walked around the lake, stopped at the shore line to throw rocks into the lake {BabyBird’s favorite summer time activity} and went into town for a late lunch and stopped by the Carousal of Happiness {for reals, that is the name} for his first ever carousal ride. BabyBird was so brave, and rode on his little animal all by himself {with a lap belt securely in place}

My how much has changed in just one year. Okay kid, stop growing so fast.


Warrior Dashing

A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k from hell. We conquer obstacles, push our limits and celebrate with live music, beer, turkey legs and Warrior helmets. Oh, and mud. Lots and lots of mud.

Was it fun? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

The race was held at Copper Mountain on Saturday, a nice ski resort town in the mountains. The temperature was perfect, somewhere in the mid 70s.



We carpooled with my PT who I’ve known since pre-bump {the one below who is shirtless} he finished somewhere in the top 1% of all the racers that day. The rest of us normal people, ran it for fun.

PT, his wife, me & my racing buddy


We finished!


The race itself wasn’t too bad. Some parts were on trails, some on sidewalks, and there was a good stretch that was uphill. Running with 500 other people was another story. By the time you reach an obstacle, you end up waiting in line and the downhill parts you had to go slowly so you wouldn’t take out the person in front of you.


Our finishing medals


Live music in the background, and festival style food. We were drenched in mud, just like everyone else before we headed to the showers to rinse off.


Covered in mud


The mud pit that you swim through isn’t until the very end and was just around the corner from the finish line.

At the end of the race, you could donate your worn out muddy shoes, and we took full advantage of that! The race coordinators actually takes them, cleans them and then donates them organizations.


Doing the Usain Bolt pose


In a few days, the official pictures from the event will be posted online, so I can’t wait to see my face during the race, especially the one of me jumping over the fire-pit.

The next day: I’m not too sore, just a bit in my legs and no sunburn! Mud is a great SPF.