Toddler Meals

Let me start by saying, this kid can eat. At some meals, he eats more than me. Other times, I do not understand how he is surviving on just a few bites of cheese and peas.

His first solid food was loving dubbed Mommy’s Guacamole {ripe avocado blended with breastmilk} and he gobbled it up. Once he figured out how to use his tongue and move it around in his mouth. From there we tried every blended fruit and veggie combo and finally settled on sweet potato and avocado blended with banana as his favorites. This kid ate his fair share of sweet potatoes.

Now that we are in toddlerhood, this kid gobbles up a wide variety of food and most of the time is not shy on trying new things. Except sandwiches, he won’t touch them.

I’ve been curious as to what other toddler’s eat, and I’ve loved Brandy’s Toddler Dinners over at Mannlymama and her photogs of her little one’s meals. So I thought I’d share one of BabyBird’s favorite meals.

sautéed zucchini with olive oil & a little garlic salt // bite sized orange pieces // curly noodles & peas in marinara sauce with mozzarella cheese // blueberries


Chowing down 2 helpings of pasta and blueberries.



I got these plates from Pottery Barn Kids, and they’ve been great and I use them every night. Most of the time he eats what we are having for dinner, plus a side of fruit. Somedays it’s easy to find 4 unique foods to put into each compartment, and he’s always so excited to sit down and see what he is having. He generally goes for the fruit first {as seen above, eating the blueberries before touching anything else} and then move on to the next food, but now he has learned trained his Momma to refill a certain compartment by tapping in the empty space asking for seconds while saying “Mooore?”

Then there are nights when he eats a handful of blueberries, an applesauce and call it a night. I guess it all balances out in the end.



  • Marcia

    Your meals look absolutely yummy. No wonder he eats so well!

  • Brandy

    Sauteed zuchinni! TOTALLY HAVING THE FOR DINNER TONIGHT. Thanks :)

  • Jaclyn

    Love your little toddler meals! They do look very delish! My little boy’s first meal was also guacamole and breastmilk and now he is almost 9 months and eats a couple of avocado a week, he loves them. AND this post made me think of his favorite meal, which is zucchini and pasta! He will eat soo much I wonder how it all fits!

    And can I just say, how absolutely adorable your little boy is! Love those eyes and eyelashes!

  • Amanda

    Thanks for your food inspiration! I stumbled upon your blog via pintrest and read about your recent blizzard (I live in Michigan so we are right there with you!!) and as a mom of two toddlers I know it can be a hassle to brave the cold some times. Most of the time I will get one dressed, then the other and by that time my oldest has bitten his gloves off and then I have to redress just to get everyone out side to hear the dreaded “mom, I pooped.” Haha but long story short the sole reason I am leaving you a comment is because your kiddo is CUTE!! And you are entitled to be bias to your own children (I sure am!) but from a stranger on the other side of the country, he is beyond adorable. You look like you’re a great mom :) random sure, but everyone needs to hear it now and again.

    • MommaBird

      Aww. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Winters can be so hard with toddlers and just keeping track of all the winter gear is a job in itself. I’m exhausted just getting us ready and dressed and that’s not even leaving the house yet :)