Toddler Meals

Summers in Colorado this year have been hot, like 3 digit hot day after day without much relief in sight. On these hot summer nights, the last thing I want to do is to prep and cook a hot meal {much less stand outside in the 100 degrees and BBQ} so we’ve been making and having summer veggie pasta. Various roasted vegetables with seasonings and tossed with some type of pasta noodle. Easy and great comfort food for these hot summer nights.

strawberries // steamed peas // roasted tomato and cheese tortellini with sautéed spinach // cheddar cheese


Gobbled up the entire plate and even asked for seconds. Here he is signing {baby sign language} for more.

A cleaned plate.

Peas are one of BabyBird’s favorite foods, it comes in just below cheese. Now this guy cracks me up whenever I he gets his eyes on his plate of food. He inspects each compartment and dives right into his favorite one, which generally is always the cheese.

Pretty much all of the food we eat is organic. Especially milk, eggs, cheese, and berries {which is 95% of BabyBird’s diet} and most vegetables we buy and cook are fresh and organic too. We get our eggs from our local food share program, and get half a dozen of farm fresh eggs each week, and are super tasty.


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    hi :) Checking in!
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    I wanted to let you know that I started a linky party on Fridays! A huge new learning curve!
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