First Family Vacation

We packed up 2 suitcases and 2 carry-ons and headed for the airport for our first vacation as a family of 3 to Seattle Washington.

I was the most nervous about the plane ride and how BabyBird would sleep at the hotel at night. This trip would be the very first time that BabyBird has slept away from his bedroom and crib {hospital after delivery does not count} and I just did not know how he would do with strange surroundings and a crib that was new to him. But I am so happy and proud to report that he did awesome! We did his normal bedtime routine, bath followed by piano and books, and he was out cold. All 4 nights at the hotel, he slept through the night without a peep. Now, he did wake up extra early each morning but after a quick diaper change and a snack, he was ready to snooze again for a few more hours.

The plane ride to Seattle went… okay. The flight was right at his nap time, so I was hoping he would crash on the plane and sleep a majority of the 2.5 hour flight from Denver to Seattle. Except that didn’t happen. He did doze off while the plane was getting ready to take off, but once we were ascending into the sky, he woke up and was upset. I think the air pressure was hurting his ears and he just didn’t understand what was going on. So we were that family on the plane for a few minutes, but after that he was fine and happily played with us during the flight. And by play, I mean opening and closing the window blind, unlocking the tray table, bouncing back and forth between my and Daddy’s lap, eating snacks, watching videos on my iPhone, and touching every surface possible on the plane. We had the best seat neighbors and everyone was really understanding, except the lady directly in front of me who shot me one stink eye after BabyBird unlocked the tray table for the 35th time.

Airport security. For whatever reason, I got flagged both times to get my hands tested for residue. Later, I realized it must be from the baby wipes {as they contain a little amount of alcohol} and must have set off the sensors. But everyone was really nice and let me keep BabyBird strapped to me while I walked through security. The Ergo baby carrier was a life saver at the airport. The car seat got special treatment and was frisked each time, I was totally expecting them to pull out a goldfish cracker during their inspection. BabyBird didn’t have to take off his shoes, yay! BabyBird did totally save us on the flight home though. The security line leaving Seattle was insane, it wrapped all the way down the corridor and we just knew there was no way we would 1. make our flight and 2. entertain BabyBird during that long line. But thankfully, after a tip from Grandmama, we went to the other security line that was shorter and as an added bonus there was a  special family-with-small-children line which had no wait at all, and we breezed right through security.

I have to hand it to Seattle’s airport for having a child area for kids to run around, climb, slide and just let lose. I accidentally stumbled by it as BabyBird insisted on walking instead of being carried and it was a great find. Plus it had a family bathroom right next door and even a nursing room.

Grandmama greeted us at baggage claim and we headed to the hotel. A little someone finally crashed on the car ride. We checked in, washed up and headed out to explore the new city. We stopped for dinner at Chandler’s Crabhouse right on the boardwalk and the food was soo yummy. BabyBird behaved so well, and I was a bit surprised since he didn’t get a real nap in that day and I just didn’t know how well he would be at the restaurant. We arrived early for dinner so we were one of the only guests in the dining room, but that didn’t stop me from scoping out my nearest exit strategy in case of a melt down. BabyBird inhaled his plate of noodles and cheese sauce, and one of the highlights of the trip was his ice cream sundae. It came with a little cookie and he used it as a spoon and just gobbled up the ice cream. It was a complete mess, but he loved it.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel, gave BabyBird a bath, listened to his favorite piano songs, read books and went to bed. I think we all were in bed by 8pm.