Word{less} Wednesday : Ice Cream Sundae

{ Making sure my cookie is well dipped }


{ Hmm… interesting }


{ I guess I’ll try it… }


{ Wow. Yum! Ice cream, where have you been all my life? }


{ I am going back for more }


{ Get in mai belly! }


{ Whoa… sugar coma }


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Water Baby

This weekend we headed out to our local kid splash park. It was the perfect size and super family friendly with areas for picnics, and you can setup right next to the pool with your own gear. I met up with two other mommas and their babes from BabyBird’s old montessori school daycare.

snack time


One of BabyBird’s montessori teachers came and joined us with her little one and hubs. She was preggo when BabyBird first enrolled in her classroom and now her baby is a year old. She joined us too in the kiddie pool and it was about then that we all decided to try the mini water slide with our little ones. As I stood and watched the other two mommas go first and seeing the reactions on their kids face as they raced slid down the slide and into the pool, I decided to give it a try with BabyBird. I have to admit that I was a teeny-tiny bit scared the first time, not for myself but for BabyBird and if he would get a face full of water and scream bloody murder. We slid down, and he didn’t scream. He. Loved. It.


hanging out with his buddy. these two go waaay back.


BabyBird loved the water. This was his first experience in a pool like setting {vs. pop-up fountain or the beach} and I thought he would be a bit hesitant at first but he dived right in and had a blast. We first waded around in the kiddie pool with BabyBird’s friend & momma from his old school. The pool was about knee deep on us, so we held onto our kiddo’s hands to give them support and as we walked around our two boys reached out and held onto each other’s hands. So imagine two mommas on the ends, with our little guys wading around in the pool holding hands ::melt::


“would you like a bite?”


happy face