17 Month Update

I can’t believe you are one month shy of being 1.5 years old. Seriously, time is moving too fast.

This month you have grown so much in your personality and your vocabulary has grown leads and bounds. You can understand what I am saying and now I have to really watch how I phrase things and what I say because you pick up on it. From running errands to going to the park, you are such a fun little buddy to bring along. You definitely keep me on my toes and you are not shy with strangers at all. Whether we are at Target or an indoor play area, you walk up to other adults and say hi and introduce yourself.

Here’s a {long} list of the things you’ve been up to this month:


:: Weigh about 22.5 lbs based on our bathroom scale. And starting to get heavy when I carry you with one arm on my hip

:: You can understand a lot of the things we say to you

:: Can follow simple directions, like putting it back where you found it or putting your books and legos away

:: You know when things can be turned on and off like the light switch, or that doors can open and close

:: Very vigilant on making sure doors and drawers are closed or will exclaim uh-oh

:: No, has become one of your favorite words

:: A great sense of humor. You trick me at dinner time when you offer me a bite of whatever you are eating and then quickly pull it away and stuff it in your mouth and chuckle

:: Love to wash your hands in the sink and you’ve learned to rub them together to make suds

:: Love to mess with the spray head at the kitchen sink and I pretend to spray you and you just crack up

:: Letting us hold your hand when we walk to places

:: Learned how to say Grandmama during our vacation to Seattle

:: Started asking why when I explain how things work

:: Love to pretend cook in your kitchen and brings over your spoon for us to taste it

:: Hugs and give high-fives to friends

:: You can say a lot of words and I’ve lost count on how many. You can mimic right back at us

:: Chain words together, like ‘more please’

:: Wants to hold conversations with us, even if you are just babbling when it’s your turn to talk

:: Ask for boost to help you get on the couch or over other

:: Plays independently for short amounts of time

:: Comes over when you get a boo-boo and runs over to me to ask for a kiss and you show me where the boo-boo is

:: Play quietly in your crib either before or after sleep

:: Sings mama-dada, mama-dada song {this melts my heart}

:: Says ‘I love ywoou’ to Daddy

:: Waves and gives a kiss to Daddy each morning before we head out to school

:: Becoming a climber on the couch and anything and everything

:: Hides favorite toys away in very safe places, so safe that we can’t find them