On to Toddlers!

Dear BabyBird,

You had a big day at school today! After changing schools and getting to stay with your favorite teacher’s infant class for just a little while longer it was finally your first day to head over and spend the entire day with the toddlers. It’s taken a little while since you so adore Ms. Elizabeth and on top of stressing about the morning separation from Mom or Dad at drop off, really don’t want to be apart from her at school. But, you’re loving it now and doing such a great job working on your activities, eating lunch with everyone, and even sleeping on a mat (!). You are definitely our little man the toddler now!

At home it’s been crazy watching you eat so much, learn, and grow over the past few weeks. You are full of so much personality (and attitude) now, yelling “nnnnnnno!” when you don’t like something, pounding your fists for encouragement when we’re not quite quick enough, and occasionally throwing down your toys, kicking, and wailing (face red) in an all-out tantrum when it just isn’t working for you. But you’re also so much fun to take places, are constantly picking up new words (and repeating even the ones you don’t quite get yet), and playing games with us. You love counting to 10 and saying the alphabet, asking for books (and starting to read them to us – especially Goodnight Gorilla!), stacking blocks, and even psyching us out with “fake row-row” where you’ll demand we play Row Row Row The Boat and then quickly pull your hands away, totally cracking yourself up. You’re also a great helper, cleaning up messes (usually that you have made), throwing things in the trash, and helping us pick up, sort, put away, or transfer pretty much anything we ask. Though, we have had a few incidents involving transfer into the trash can or inside our living room subwoofer that might not have been intentional!

We have fun singing, yelling, and whispering to each other, especially during our daily routines like breakfast and bath time, and you have an amazing amount of energy. I love when you sit in my lap while we play piano or hold me tight after getting out of the bath which are pretty much the only times you’re holding still; the rest of the time we’re chasing after you, usually completely amazed and entertained by the what you’ve managed to be up to, and generally trying to make sure you don’t kill yourself! Most adorably, you look more and more like me every day and I see so much of my own personality in you. I can’t describe how much joy I feel seeing that little spark of myself running around, pulling shenanigans, and chattering up a storm as we spend our weeks and weekends together as a family.

I’m excited to go on vacation with you this week and watch you keep growing up over the rest of the summer!