This Week

This week has been a battle with a teething toddler. 3 teeth all coming in at the same time. I’m sorry buddy, the world is just not fair.

what I get when I ask him to smile

But on the bright side, two of them have poked out so we are just waiting on the 3rd. With the teething came a fever, fussiness like no other, and a few tantrums that made us the rents marvel at his crying ability and just how long he can sustain it. So it’s meant a few extra naps, like the ones right after we get him up in the morning and he breaks down and wants a morning nap. Or the one right before dinner. So my 16 month old toddler has now reverted back to a baby who takes 3 naps during the day, or 2 or just 1. Needless to say the week has been tiring, for the both of us.

Last night, BabyBird read to himself Goodnight Gorilla while on my lap. He identified each animal, said goodnight on the dark pages, uh-oh on the page with just the eyes, and giggled when the gorilla was in bed, and made the snoring sound on the last page. I died. I muffed my giggles and just let him go through each page at his pace and he was so proud of himself at the end.

Each night before I go to bed, I always go in and tuck BabyBird in. Except this night, I went in and found both of his beloved blankets were tossed outside of his crib and on the floor. Now to truly appreciate this, you have to understand that in order for him to toss them out of his crib would mean he had to stand up and lift each blanket above his eyes level in order to get it out of his crib. Two times. One for each blanket. Then laid back down and go back to sleep. Silly kid. I can imagine his thought process .. “Ugh, I keep getting tangled in these blankets, they are outta here! … now, that’s better. Zzzz”