Hot Summer Weather


It has been insanely hot this last week. We have had multiple back to back days of 100+ degree temps and it has definitely not helped with the fires burning in Colorado. Fort Collins caught on fire, then Estes Park, the biggest one down in Colorado Springs and even Boulder caught on fire too and the other 10 fires going on. Needless to say there is smoke coming from every direction.

So what to do with a toddler who’s full of energy and we can’t go outside to the park? We hit up the indoor play places that also have a/c. Last weekend, all of us went to the Little Monkey indoor play space a few miles from our house. I’ve taken BabyBird down there once before to check it out, back when he wasn’t a stable walker yet and we had a good time. But now that he loves to run around, we had a blast this time. Best part was that Daddy took BabyBird up the big bouncy slide over and over and over. He loved it. BabyBird was soo eager each time to climb up the stairs and just couldn’t wait to bounce his way down the huge slide. This kid is fearless. I went a few times too and got some good pictures. BabyBird had the best time and was totally tired by the end.

biiig steps

pure excitement


Monday rolled around so it was just the two of us. We headed out the library in the morning for a change of scenery, and then a quick grocery store trip for supplies and some grabbed some food for lunch.

at that perfect age when you can reach the books in the top bin

“momma, can we get that?!!” oh that pointer is killing me


In the afternoon we headed out to the mall for the indoor dinosaure play area, but not before a stop at the frozen yogurt stand for a quick snack. He ate more of the frozen yogurt than I did.

the food court has these kid sized picnic tables, so I squeezed myself into one so we could share the frozen yogurt treat


The play area was nice and we just arrived after they cleaned it {FYI: the play area closes each day from 3pm – 3:30pm for a nice wipe down} and the germaphobe in me patted myself on the back for arriving at just the right time. Well apparently I was not the only mom of small children who had this same idea. The place was packed. And I mean it was packed. It was filled with kids from crawlers to grade school. You couldn’t walk without bumping into someone else.

dino mayhem

he loves making faces in the mirror

yes, he’s wearing his dino shirt, and no it wasn’t planned

Sweet BabyBird was so excited, and once I set him down he ran off and loved exploring the new area. This is also when my heart broke into a million pieces. You see, there were a lot of kids, and everyone had tons of energy and BabyBird was just so mesmerized by the bigger kids running around that he wanted to join in on the game too. But each time he walked over to someone in hopes of playing with them, they took off. So he’d run up to someone else, and they would run off too. It started to break my heart watching him trying to make friends with these older kids who were obviously too preoccupied with their own games to notice a little baby trying to follow along. After awhile, BabyBird found a little girl who was his height. And what did he do? He walked right up to her and gave her the gentlest hug, right in front of this little girl’s dad. It melted my heart and the dad was elbowing the mom to make sure she saw. Afterwards BabyBird followed this little girl around like a little lost puppy and they happily ran around together for the rest of the afternoon a grand total of 2 minutes before they went their separate ways.

During this whole time I was consciously trying to not be a helicopter mom standing over my child as he ran around so I finally just parked it on the bench too while keep one eye on my kid and giving encouraging smiles when he’d look my way.



This Week

This week has been a battle with a teething toddler. 3 teeth all coming in at the same time. I’m sorry buddy, the world is just not fair.

what I get when I ask him to smile

But on the bright side, two of them have poked out so we are just waiting on the 3rd. With the teething came a fever, fussiness like no other, and a few tantrums that made us the rents marvel at his crying ability and just how long he can sustain it. So it’s meant a few extra naps, like the ones right after we get him up in the morning and he breaks down and wants a morning nap. Or the one right before dinner. So my 16 month old toddler has now reverted back to a baby who takes 3 naps during the day, or 2 or just 1. Needless to say the week has been tiring, for the both of us.

Last night, BabyBird read to himself Goodnight Gorilla while on my lap. He identified each animal, said goodnight on the dark pages, uh-oh on the page with just the eyes, and giggled when the gorilla was in bed, and made the snoring sound on the last page. I died. I muffed my giggles and just let him go through each page at his pace and he was so proud of himself at the end.

Each night before I go to bed, I always go in and tuck BabyBird in. Except this night, I went in and found both of his beloved blankets were tossed outside of his crib and on the floor. Now to truly appreciate this, you have to understand that in order for him to toss them out of his crib would mean he had to stand up and lift each blanket above his eyes level in order to get it out of his crib. Two times. One for each blanket. Then laid back down and go back to sleep. Silly kid. I can imagine his thought process .. “Ugh, I keep getting tangled in these blankets, they are outta here! … now, that’s better. Zzzz”

Flagstaff Fire

Ugh… another fire in Colorado. That makes 12 in the state? I’ve lost count. But this one hits really close to home.

Flagstaff Mountain holds a special place in my heart, as this is where we got married and had our reception at the Flagstaff House restaurant. I used to drive up flagstaff mountain in high school when I skipped class had extended lunch breaks and enjoyed a peaceful sunny afternoon at the top overlooking Boulder. Now the mountain is up in flames after a brief storm and the area right below is on a pre-evacuation notice.

Even from our house, we can smell the smoke.

It smells like a campfire, and not in a good way.

Teething Sucks

3 teeth all coming in at the same time. Poor little guy is just having a rough few days. Translation: Mommy is tired. Yesterday on his first day back at daycare, I got a call around lunch time that he would benefit from some pain relief in the form of grape flavored syrup. Didn’t sleep that well at night, woke up 3 times throughout the night crying. Then today, had the same repeat of liquid relief around lunch time, but after his nap he was just cranky as all cranky can be. We made a quick doctor appointment with the first available doctor at the office and got the full check up.

Ear infection? Nope. Cold? Nope. Hand, foot & mouth? Nope {phew!} Just a little sore throat and normal crankiness due to teething. We took the rest of the afternoon off, came home and got a little snack and then promptly went to bed for a late afternoon nap. Little guy in just a onesie snuggled up with his blankets and crashed until 6:30 when Daddy came home with dinner.

We are fast asleep now and I hope tonight goes better and my awesome sleep-through-the-night kiddo gets a full nights rest. This waking up 3 times a night is starting to drain on me. How did I ever do this for 9 months? But I did enjoy our snuggles and having a 3ft tall toddler draped over you is just pure heart melting.

Oh, and while at the doctor office, a dad with his 3 month old was also in the waiting area and shared with me and the front desk lady that his little guy sleeps through the night and has since he was 2.5 months old. If I could have thrown daggers at him with my eyes… I definitely shot him that look of pure and utter jealously.