Just Add Water

On a warm Friday afternoon, BabyBird and I headed to downtown Boulder on Pearl St. for the pop-up splash fountain. We lathered up layers of sunscreen, an itty bitty swim suit {for him, not me} and a bag full of snacks.

“Hmm… I’m not sure Momma, it’s wet and cold”

He was so cautious in the beginning and just stood there checking things out and watching the other kids.


“Where did the water go?”

After awhile he got the hang of it and ventured deeper into the fountain.


“Oh, there it is”

We stopped for some snacks and I gave him his empty snack container to play with and that was an absolute blast as he tried to fill it up with water.


Trying to catch some water in his cup


Soaking wet and having a blast


Kept him entertained for 2 full hours, running around the fountain, then to the grass and back again. He loved the street performers who were singing and making music and even went up to them a few times to jam out and bop to the beat with his signature butt-bounce dance.

Afterwards, Daddy met up with us and we went all out to dinner to a new local gourmet burger joint. The little guy scarfed down sweet potato fries, grilled asparagus with balsamic dressing {really? who is this kid?} but didn’t touch his chicken tenders. But he did learn the joy of dips and loved to dip his fries in Daddy’s yogurt dressing that came with his burger.

“Its on me guys”

After we walked back to the car, he zonked out in his carseat before I even pulled out of my parking spot. What a perfect end to a great summer day.