Going Public?

I started blogging when BabyBird was 6 weeks old.

I blogged for me. I blogged to write down the things I was going through. I blogged because I was bad about keeping a baby book up to date. But more importantly, I blogged for me. To have a place that I can write down my thoughts, remember milestones, and to just document my day on what life was like during that phase.

I didn’t care about ad revenue, ratings/stats, or how much traffic my blog had.

I wanted a place to share photos, and what BabyBird was up to and what his latest antics were. I was fine keeping it semi-anonymous by giving us cute nicknames and not using our real names. And other than the hubs {who ever so kindly and with much patience helped me setup all the backend work for the blog, domain name, the hosting, backups, etc., while I got to tinker with the layout colors and fonts to my heart’s content} I have not shared this blog with friends or family yet.

Recently I’ve been debating if I wanted to go public and announce to the world {or at least my FB peeps} that I have a blog and share with them my journey into motherhood for the last 1.5 years. Because this has been quite the ride so far.

We went from this…

2 Weeks


Four Months


6 Months


1 Year


  • http://www.lovingourjourney.com michy lovingourjourney

    So glad that you did this for yourself!!! Blogging is a wonderful therapy and those pictures-spanning months-make me think back and tear up for my little guy….and as much as it is for ourselves, it’s also for that connection to other moms who love to write. :) I know what you mean about deciding whether to let friends/family view this too… it is so exciting. I have chosen to tell a few close, close friends who I trust (as I write anynomous also)…but there are many I know personally who I don’t feel comfortable with seeing my work yet…and it is hard to explain the boundaries that you may wish to have. It is easier to write without that, for me…that being said, it’s making me stand up for what I believe in now. I was given advice when I started that there will be times w/people you know disagree-and it can hurt-but it’s making me stand true…I explain it as my professional writing.
    I will say, for me, it’s helped to have a seperate fb page as well as my personal…
    Do what feels right in your heart. This is just what has worked for me…as a newbie. :) If I can be of any help or any ?s, there’s a little contact me button for my e-mail on the side of my page. you were one of my first readers and I really appreciate that! :)

    • MommaBird

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment and words of encouragement. I absolutely agree that finding other mommy bloggers and making that connection is amazing, an unspoken bond knowing that we are both going through {or have gone through} the same things, milestones and even heart aches. Thanks for your words, I truly appreciate it!