Before Bed

Every night before I go to bed, I always check in on BabyBird and tuck him in. Straighten up his 2 beloved blankets and watch him sleep for a few moments before I tip toe away. I always love seeing what position he is in {he moves a lot in his sleep, hence why co-sleeping is not possible anymore} and just marvel at this little human snoozing so peacefully away.

4 months old

Goodnight peanut, sweet dreams.

Summer Nights at the Park

Thank the rain gods that Colorado finally got some rain and cooler temperatures this week. We’ve been either house bound or stayed indoors for the last 2 weeks due to the 3 digit temperatures. But tonight, it cooled down so we took a stroll to the neighborhood park that is across the street from our house.

you gonna push me, momma?


fist full of sand

my ovaries just did a back flip

walking on the sidewalk like a big boy. see the storm clouds in the distance?