16 months

:: new words – spoon, up, down, cracker, play, yes and no.

:: loves to help clean up and pick up trash from the floor and throw them away

:: completely fearless going down slides

:: can use a fork & spoon really well and can feed himself a whole applesauce

:: understands a lot more of what I say and can follow simple instructions like putting something back, or to come over when I ask

:: at the perfect age to take to places {library, gym, errands, grocery stores… most of the time} and is totally chill and goes with the flow of the activity

:: makes faces when I ask him to smile when I try to take his picture. This has resulted in a lot of scrunched up nose pictures

:: calls yogurt and applesauce ‘ya-ya’

:: “reads” books to us

:: tries to put his shoes on/knows that shoes goes on his feet