Teething Sucks

3 teeth all coming in at the same time. Poor little guy is just having a rough few days. Translation: Mommy is tired. Yesterday on his first day back at daycare, I got a call around lunch time that he would benefit from some pain relief in the form of grape flavored syrup. Didn’t sleep that well at night, woke up 3 times throughout the night crying. Then today, had the same repeat of liquid relief around lunch time, but after his nap he was just cranky as all cranky can be. We made a quick doctor appointment with the first available doctor at the office and got the full check up.

Ear infection? Nope. Cold? Nope. Hand, foot & mouth? Nope {phew!} Just a little sore throat and normal crankiness due to teething. We took the rest of the afternoon off, came home and got a little snack and then promptly went to bed for a late afternoon nap. Little guy in just a onesie snuggled up with his blankets and crashed until 6:30 when Daddy came home with dinner.

We are fast asleep now and I hope tonight goes better and my awesome sleep-through-the-night kiddo gets a full nights rest. This waking up 3 times a night is starting to drain on me. How did I ever do this for 9 months? But I did enjoy our snuggles and having a 3ft tall toddler draped over you is just pure heart melting.

Oh, and while at the doctor office, a dad with his 3 month old was also in the waiting area and shared with me and the front desk lady that his little guy sleeps through the night and has since he was 2.5 months old. If I could have thrown daggers at him with my eyes… I definitely shot him that look of pure and utter jealously.