15 Month Update

:: Weight 21lbs & 12oz. 20th percentile

:: Height 32 inches. 80th percentile. You are a little string bean

:: You love Annie’s Shells & Cheese with peas, broccoli and carrots

:: You eat a greek yogurt and oatmeal every morning for breakfast

:: Sleep has been amazing, you are a great sleeper. Go to bed each night by 8pm, and wake up around 7:30-8:00am. You take one afternoon nap around 12:30 and it can go until 3pm.

:: Love helping momma out with any chores around the house. Lately you love it when I hand you little things to throw away in the trash can and you do it so eagerly.

:: New words – yellow, purple, thank you, please {which sounds more like plweas}, yaya {for yogurt or applesauce}, diaper, nite-nite, dog, you can say your own name, nick {translation: music}, {s}nack, bath, all done

:: Full of energy and love to explore and walk around

:: Sing {with hand motions too} the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row-Row, Welcome Song {from music class}

:: High-five, pound it {working on closing the fist completely}, and givin’ me some sugar {he slides his hand across mine}

:: Can identify mama and dada in pictures

:: Absolutely hate getting your hair cut

:: Elmo rocks your world

:: Finally not putting everything in his mouth first

:: Hates stepping on pine needles, rocks, gravel, sticks, or wild grass, bascially anything that isn’t a lawn or the sidewalk, with his bare feet

:: Hugs dogs {super adorable}

:: Hugs stuffed animals

:: Hugs friends, blows kisses.

:: Feed yourself with a spoon and fork. Drinks from an open cup {this I have to credit to his teacher and school}

:: Helps undressing yourself before bath time

:: Climbs into my arms and raises his feet so I have to hold him

:: Can “count” to 10 {repeating the words back to me}

:: Says his ABCs {repeats them back to me}

:: Identifies uh-ohs around the house, like the bathroom door is left ajar, the milk isn’t put away, remote control is within his reach, etc.

Update: A day after I posted this, BabyBird can now count to 10 by himself when I hold up my fingers. Rock on, kid!