Going Public?

I started blogging when BabyBird was 6 weeks old.

I blogged for me. I blogged to write down the things I was going through. I blogged because I was bad about keeping a baby book up to date. But more importantly, I blogged for me. To have a place that I can write down my thoughts, remember milestones, and to just document my day on what life was like during that phase.

I didn’t care about ad revenue, ratings/stats, or how much traffic my blog had.

I wanted a place to share photos, and what BabyBird was up to and what his latest antics were. I was fine keeping it semi-anonymous by giving us cute nicknames and not using our real names. And other than the hubs {who ever so kindly and with much patience helped me setup all the backend work for the blog, domain name, the hosting, backups, etc., while I got to tinker with the layout colors and fonts to my heart’s content} I have not shared this blog with friends or family yet.

Recently I’ve been debating if I wanted to go public and announce to the world {or at least my FB peeps} that I have a blog and share with them my journey into motherhood for the last 1.5 years. Because this has been quite the ride so far.

We went from this…

2 Weeks


Four Months


6 Months


1 Year