Before Bed

Every night before I go to bed, I always check in on BabyBird and tuck him in. Straighten up his 2 beloved blankets and watch him sleep for a few moments before I tip toe away. I always love seeing what position he is in {he moves a lot in his sleep, hence why co-sleeping is not possible anymore} and just marvel at this little human snoozing so peacefully away.

4 months old

Goodnight peanut, sweet dreams.

Summer Nights at the Park

Thank the rain gods that Colorado finally got some rain and cooler temperatures this week. We’ve been either house bound or stayed indoors for the last 2 weeks due to the 3 digit temperatures. But tonight, it cooled down so we took a stroll to the neighborhood park that is across the street from our house.

you gonna push me, momma?


fist full of sand

my ovaries just did a back flip

walking on the sidewalk like a big boy. see the storm clouds in the distance?


Father’s Day Hike – Recap

grandpa, daddy & baby boy

The day started with a hike down Devil’s Backbone in Loveland, CO {yes, you read that right the city is called Loveland} about 30 minutes away from where we live. But if you go the “special” scenic route, it can take a min. of 45 minutes. So needless to say, we were a tad bit late getting to the trailhead for this hike, one part on poor time judgement and one part on google maps placing me at the wrong end of the hike. But we made it there and met up with grandma, grandma and great aunt.


that stinky smirk… I love this kid

We stopped at the keyhole on the trail and had a quick fuel up. Here is BabyBird eating gobbling up a banana. This expression captures his personality so well.


happy father’s day

This is my favorite picture from the hike. All 3 boys. Man, do they look alike, you’d think they were related or something.


the whole gang {minus great aunt who was taking the picture}

It was a very hot day, easily in the 90s by the time we left which was before noon.

And looking at this picture, I just realized that my kiddo is half the size of me. He’s growing too fast. ::tear::


“Oh hello up there!”

hanging out with my dada

Afterwards we stopped by a local restaurant for some lunch and by this time, BabyBird was just worn out and done. He was so ready for his nap, so we ducked out and once he was in his car seat again he passed out during the entire drive. We went home, took a quick cool bath and fixed up a snack for BabyBird and he was so tuckered out that he was ready to take a proper nap in his bedroom. He zonked out for the next 3 hours.

All in all it was a great father’s day!


16 months

:: new words – spoon, up, down, cracker, play, yes and no.

:: loves to help clean up and pick up trash from the floor and throw them away

:: completely fearless going down slides

:: can use a fork & spoon really well and can feed himself a whole applesauce

:: understands a lot more of what I say and can follow simple instructions like putting something back, or to come over when I ask

:: at the perfect age to take to places {library, gym, errands, grocery stores… most of the time} and is totally chill and goes with the flow of the activity

:: makes faces when I ask him to smile when I try to take his picture. This has resulted in a lot of scrunched up nose pictures

:: calls yogurt and applesauce ‘ya-ya’

:: “reads” books to us

:: tries to put his shoes on/knows that shoes goes on his feet