Playing Tricks

At almost 15 months old, BabyBird has grasped the concept of joking and playing us.

We used to play ‘Row-Row’ where we hold hands and row back and forth while singing the song. But now, when he asks to play {or when I ask to play} we get one row in and he cracks up knowing that he just played me. Stinker!

Tonight at dinner, he was eating inhaling blueberries like it was his job, and I kindly asked for him to share one. He eagerly picked up a blueberry and reached out his arm to feed it to me, and at the last second pulls back and gobbles up the blueberry and bursts out laughing. I didn’t get a blueberry and neither did Daddy.

At least he’s cute.

  • Michy (

    Oh, I can relate! With a toddler just a little older, it’s nice to think back to those moments you are listing to see how their sense of humor develops! Now whenever we say silly, my toddler just bursts into endless giggles. You forget about everything else in the world then! :) Cute pics!!! :) Michy