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Guess who learned how to climb into the ottoman this week?



Warrior Dash

I signed up for Warrior Dash. After being urged to pre-register by my buddy from the office. The same buddy that I persuaded to sign up for a PT with me 3 years ago, now she is talking me into this race.

What is Warrior Dash?

Oh, it’s just a mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k run from hell where you conquer extreme obstacles, push your limits and then celebrate with music, beer and turkey legs. And you can wear costumes.

This year it’s held at Copper Mountain (ski town) in Colorado were you run 5k and tackle 12 obstacles similar to boot camp. Climb walls, walk on beams, army crawl under wires, you get the idea.

I don’t normally sign up for these things. Heck, I haven’t even signed up to run a regular 5k around town, much less one that includes obstacles. But our PT is doing it (along with his wife) and some other co-workers and it should be a fun time. I’m excited to tackle this beast and then be able to look back and say that I did that!

We’ve been training every Wednesday on our lunch hour in the parking lot of our office doing all sorts of exercises and routines.

This week: We accomplished 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 berpies and ran 6 laps. Broken into 25 sets of each and 2 laps with a very short water break in between the 4 sets. All in all, it was a good workout, and we completed it in about 45 minutes. Our goal for the next few weeks is to be able to run/jog 5k.




He is a good sleeper and rarely ever wakes up during the night.

Except for tonight.

He woke up an hour after we put him to bed, screaming. I ran upstairs expecting to find a limb stuck in the rails of the crib or something but he was just standing in his crib, crying his heart out. I picked him up and he instantly stopped crying, but urged me to leave his room and wanted to see my bedroom across the hall. We walked over, and in-between his half sobs he muttered out “da-da?” I called downstairs for Daddy to come up and after some soothing he started to calm down again. But then bursts out crying again.

This is completely rare for him. We sang, talked, rocked, turned on lights, re-brushed teeth {at his request}, read books, drank some water, soothed and just held him. He clung onto me for dear life and just did not want to let go, so I reassured him that I was still here and wasn’t going anywhere.

This went on for the next 45 minutes.

He truly seemed terrified of something. Or scared of the dark {we walked around upstairs and turned on all the lights} or just had a bad dream and did not want to close his eyes again.

Eventually he calmed down after re-reading a few books and more soothing. We turned off the lights and I laid him back down with his blankets and he fell back asleep. Crossing my fingers that he doesn’t get the same nightmare again.

Word{less} Wednesday : Mother’s Day

My beautiful Mother’s Day flowers sitting on my kitchen counter

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