Playdate Pledge

Jill over at Babies Rabies made this awesome Playdate Pledge print outs, head over to her site to download the high resolution version. She hits the nail on the head and I’ve definitely been guilty of quickly cleaning up before people come over or at least hide the evidence that a tornado just went through the playroom.



Speaking of playdates, is it just me or are they so complicated to organize unless both potential playmates are close in age with the same nap schedules?

And even if the nap schedules magically align, then it seems like these little ones’ either have a pre-existing music/gym/swim class or a doctor appointment so there goes this week. So we schedule the playdate 2 weeks in advance in hopes that nobody contracts an illness in the meantime.


Memorial Day Weekend : Part 2


Daddy signed up for the Bolder Boulder 10k race held in Boulder, CO with over 50,000 runners.

We got up at 5:30am {yawn} to get ready to leave the house in order to get Daddy to the start line by his wave time at 7:10am. This meant waking up a little dreamer.

After we dropped him off near the start line, we circled around and drove up to campus to find a parking spot and walk over to the finish line to cheer him on. On my approach up to campus, I realized that I did not have any cash on me {spent it all at the fair the previous day} so we drove up to The Hill to find an ATM, but I found free parking instead. Score!

We gobbled up a {ba}nana and I strapped the little guy in the Ergo carrier and off we went. From last year’s experience {when I also wore him on me, but he was just a small 3 month old peanut then} a stroller was out of the question. One, he might not want to sit in it the entire time and then I’m left with trying to push a stroller with one hand. But the Ergo was perfect this time around. We got to enjoy a slow paced walk through the beautiful campus that I graduated from. We made our way down to the last hill before the big grand finale finish line at Folsom Field to cheer on Daddy. He was such a charmer the entire time. We were standing next to a guy and his adorable dog and BabyBird could not have been more thrilled. The dog owner was so nice, and let BabyBird pet him and he even gave the dog a few hugs.

I was constantly checking my phone and tracking Daddy in his race so I can see when he would be approaching. And just a few minutes before we spotted him, poor BabyBird bite his tongue and out gushed blood everywhere. I think he was so excited with the marching band music, cheers, and clapping that he was bouncing up and down and bite his tongue. Poor guy and such bad timing too. Daddy came running by and blew us a kiss as he passed a crying baby in a carrier and me trying to console him while several onlookers stared and wondered what in the world was going on.

We waddled {yes, waddled… having a 15 month old, 22 pound baby attached to you makes you waddle} up to the stadium and I got him a cold smoothie to help calm him down. The smoothie did the trick.

We met up with Daddy afterwards and headed back to the car. Daddy did great, ran a 10k in the time it took me to park, feed a baby, and walk to meet up with him and finished it faster than he did last year. Go Daddy!

To my credit, I had a wiggly, 22 pound, 15 month old strapped to me for 1.5 hours. Phew, that’s a workout!