Memorial Day Weekend, Part 1


In the morning, I went and finally got my haircut and got new highlights. After chatting with my hair stylist, we realized that my last appointment was in January. Yikes! It was nice just being able to sit still and read trashy magazines while my hair was wrapped up in foils.

Daddy hanged out with the little guy in the morning, and got a early nap which was perfect since we had a birthday party at the Children’s Museum scheduled in the afternoon. Once I got home, we hopped in the car {and made record time in getting everything together, present included, and out the door in 15 minutes} and we were on the way to the museum.

The party was awesome, and BabyBird enjoyed hanging out in the party room with their itty bitty children sized tables and chairs. He danced a little groove for the birthday girl, and was super sweet to another little guy by giving him hugs. I don’t think his new friend understood what he was doing, but went along with the hugs. We enjoyed munching on some snacks, but the highlight was definitely the birthday cake. BabyBird got his own slice, and just gobbled up the frosting with his fork. He liked the frosting so much, that he even stole borrowed some from his friend’s plates.

Best moment at the birthday party? BabyBird going in the corner to uh… take care of business. Afterwards, he looked up and said diaper while patting his hip area. We chuckled that at least he was discrete about it. Do other 15 month old babies do this?



After breakfast, we all headed out to the Boulder Creek Festival that is held every year on memorial day weekend. The weather and temperature was great, it wasn’t too hot yet, and had great time walking around and checking out the crafts and carnival rides.


We got some fair food to try and BabyBird loved these soba noodles.


All tuckered out. He fell asleep on me while in the Ergo carrier.


Later on in the afternoon, Grandparents and Great Grandma came over for a visit. BabyBird just woke from a nap, so it was perfect timing and he was ready to par-tay. He ran around, showed off his dancing moves, climbing in and out of the ottoman, playing with legos and blocks, and just having a great time around the house. We then all headed out to dinner at a local restaurant that also microbrews their own beer. Tonight, in celebration of memorial day, they had live music so it was a great atmosphere to hang out. BabyBird even showed off some of his signature dance moves in his highchair.

Now, this kid can eat. I ordered his food right away, and he pretty much ate the entire time we were seated at the restaurant. He gobbled up:

:: steamed broccoli

:: peas

:: corn dog {ate half}

:: mac & cheese {side dish that came with my meal}

:: blueberries

:: fries {off of Daddy’s plate}

:: veggies & hummus

:: yogurt melts

Talk about a food coma! He was pooped by the end of the night.