He is a good sleeper and rarely ever wakes up during the night.

Except for tonight.

He woke up an hour after we put him to bed, screaming. I ran upstairs expecting to find a limb stuck in the rails of the crib or something but he was just standing in his crib, crying his heart out. I picked him up and he instantly stopped crying, but urged me to leave his room and wanted to see my bedroom across the hall. We walked over, and in-between his half sobs he muttered out “da-da?” I called downstairs for Daddy to come up and after some soothing he started to calm down again. But then bursts out crying again.

This is completely rare for him. We sang, talked, rocked, turned on lights, re-brushed teeth {at his request}, read books, drank some water, soothed and just held him. He clung onto me for dear life and just did not want to let go, so I reassured him that I was still here and wasn’t going anywhere.

This went on for the next 45 minutes.

He truly seemed terrified of something. Or scared of the dark {we walked around upstairs and turned on all the lights} or just had a bad dream and did not want to close his eyes again.

Eventually he calmed down after re-reading a few books and more soothing. We turned off the lights and I laid him back down with his blankets and he fell back asleep. Crossing my fingers that he doesn’t get the same nightmare again.