Denver Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, we took BabyBird on his first adventure to the Denver Zoo. It was a nice and warm spring day and thought it would be a perfect time to walk around the zoo and show him the animals. We arrived at the zoo around noon and the parking lot was completely full. I was so proud of BabyBird of just sitting in his car seat the entire time as I circled around the outdoor lot and unsuccessfully attempting the garage. After camping waiting for a person to leave, we finally parked and headed in.

{Denver Zoo, making faces while in line for tickets, little finger pointing at the animals}


{Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? Love the expression on his face, pointing at the giraffe}

We saw bears, monkeys, birds, fish and zebras or otherwise known as Llama Llama’s teacher.

Can you tell that we’ve been reading a lot of books lately? I can recite many favorite board books by heart. Baby books are very repetitive.

BabyBird did great at the zoo and had a great time and babbled the whole drive home.