Mr. Personality

BabyBird turned 14 months old and in this last month he has gained so much sass and personality. He is also a pretty good walker and that has opened a whole new world to him and for me! For one thing, I am not having to hold his hands anymore but with this new found freedom he is running circles, literally, around the house and leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Grocery shopping? Ha, forget about it! He’ll sit in the cart for maybe 5 minutes before he has the wiggles and just wants to move around. Grocery aisles with their perfectly placed boxes of goodies at the height of a 3′ toddler is diaster.

A few moments from these last few weeks that I don’t want to forget:

:: Eating lunch outside on the patio and enjoying the wonderful spring weather. Daddy left the table to grab more napkins and when he walked back to the table he gently “spooked” BabyBird by saying “Boo!” and he turned around and said Boo right back.

:: Playing quick draw in the high chair. We both tuck our hands to our side and then quickly draw up our fingers into the shape of a gun {I don’t think this kid even knows what a gun is} and pointing at each other. Tons of giggles.

:: Getting a big boy divided tray for his lunch and dinner. Mommy’s new challenge is finding 4 different foods to fill each container with at each meal. He gets soo excited for each meal and can’t wait to see what is inside each compartment. He did surprise me a few times when he went for the main course and not the fruit first.

:: Learning to drink from a real cup at meal times. We still use sippy cups when we aren’t home.

:: Says: mama, ma, mum, dada, blue, {ba}nana, purple, baba, Elmo {sounds more like Memo}, dog, poop, book, uh-oh, shh-shh {his reply whenever I ask if he is tired or wants to nap}

:: Got scared during Music Class the other week. The teacher was singing some chant/African song and he clung to me for dear life and was about to cry.

This is BabyBird’s last week at his current Montessori daycare. I’ve taken him here since he was 3 months old, but now that he has outgrown his infant room we are switching to a different Montessori school that is closer to my office and they offer part-time rates. Plus that his favorite {and our favorite} infant room teacher will be at the new school is a total bonus!