Playing Pretend

Oh what a sweet imagination BabyBird is starting to develop. At the end of dinner each night, when BabyBird is full he will start to hand me, crumb by crumb, what is left on his tray, in his own way of telling me that he is full and does not want to eat anymore. It’s a great improvement from his past habit of just throwing the food overboard and letting it hit the floor with an innocent ‘Uh Oh’ out of his mouth {and yes, he still does this sometimes} but now he will hand me the food that is left, down to the last littlest crumb. So this night, he cleared everything off his tray and then proceeded to pretend to pick up something and hand it to me. I obliged and played along. He cracked up and thought it was the funniest game ever. He knew there was nothing in his little pincher but insisted that I take it anyway. Then tonight he pretended to be done with bath with Daddy and pretending to hand him invisible toys to put away. What a little stinker.

This week was also another milestone and indication that my baby is growing into a toddler, we have officially transitioned from 2 naps to 1 nap. At first, I was a bit hesitant and reluctant on {lossing} one nap during the day. HIs naps are mommy’s time to get stuff done, whether that be laundry, clean up the kitchen, cook/prep, or just to feed myself in peace. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make the adjustment. But after a few days, I like this new routine much better. One long nap in the afternoon allows us to to have an outing in the morning and get home in time for lunch and his nap. And this nice {almost} 2 hour nap gives me a good chunk of time to start and finish a project around the house. BabyBird has sneaked in a few cat naps in the car here and there, but overall he has adjusted well to the one long nap in the afternoon and is not too cranky by dinner time.

BabyBird is officially a cruiser. He officially took his first steps a few weekends ago, when moving between two ottomans at home over the weekend. And over the last few weeks he’s taken a few independent steps here and there, but I wouldn’t call it walking just yet. Unfortunately I have not been quick enough to get a picture yet. He hugs the couch, walls, cabinet doors and makes his way around. So I’m thinking in a few more weeks he’ll surely be walking independently.

We said goodbye to his infant carseat last weekend. The carseat that carried him home from the hospital, the same one that Daddy threw in the trunk of my car as he drove raced to the hospital when I was in labor, the one we dragged with us to restaurants, and shopping trips. Now it rests in our basement until next time {no, I’m not pregnant} and a new toddler sized car seat sits in the backseat of my car.