A walk to the park

These last few days we got a taste of spring weather. It is so much easier to travel around when the weather is nice outside.

We went out for a walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon and it was so nice to be out of the house. You love your stroller, BabyBird featuring B.O.B, and we took a nice stroll on the bike paths and stopped at the local park. Since it was such a nice day, many of our neighbors were out walking their dogs and having a good time. BabyBird got so excited whenever there was a dog nearby, especially if we had to pass them on the same side of the sidewalk. Naturally the dog walker took notice of the little human pointing and shouting with excitement and would would stop or come closer to let BabyBird check out the dog. But once the dog got close enough to pet yank, BabyBird got shy and did not want to see the dog anymore. At first I thought it was the size of the dog, but nope. Even the walking cotton ball scared BabyBird once it got close enough.

We stopped at the local park, the one with the baby swings and got out and played on the playground equipment. I know other parents say to enough this time when they can’t walk yet, but I am excited and can’t wait until he is able to walk by himself. I know that will open a whole new world of adventures for us, not to mention baby proofing the house, but it will give him more independence and be able to explore his surrounds without my assistance.