Give and Take

Somedays I feel like the hamster in the wheel, spinning around and around and not getting anywhere. And it’s not just the daily chores of laundry, grocery trips, diaper changes, etc but more that as each hour passes something is not getting done. If I’m doing laundry, then I am not hanging out and playing with BabyBird or giving him the one on one time he is looking for. Or when I am on the floor playing with him I can’t help but to think that I should be doing something else to get a task crossed off my list. It’s one of those days that no matter which one I pick, I end up slacking on the other. So I make certain things are a priority (he’s fed, clean and not about to fly off the top of the stairs head first) and let other ones slip for today. Telling myself that I’ll make that up tomorrow or I’ll do that next time. And in the end it feels like I’ve accomplished nothing more but feeding a tummy, and wiping a bum and spinning around the hamster wheel one more time.