Daylight Saving

Dear BabyBird,

Today was the start of Daylight Saving Time and we had a great day! After all the wind and cold recently suddenly being light out all day and 70 degrees felt like Spring arrived all at once.

You woke up cooing and so happy to see me, murmuring “dada” all morning long as we had breakfast, played, and let Mommy enjoy a much deserved chance to sleep in a little. You still eat a few spoonfuls of oatmeal if I’m lucky but mostly love feeding yourself, especially fruit and puffs! By the time naptime arrived you were so tired that you quickly downed a bottle and fell asleep right on my chest. These times are so rare that I couldn’t bring myself to move you to the crib, so I just leaned back in our rocking chair and we took a good hour and a half nap together. Now the whole family was recharged!

Mommy had been planning to do some shopping but with it being such a nice day we decided on a whim to change plans and instead go into Boulder together. We had a late lunch at Turley’s, one of our old favorite breakfast stops that’s now becoming fun again for all three of us. You love pointing to all the new things in restuarants, waving to random people, and most importantly calling us out on anything we drop or slip up on with an assertive “uh oh!”.

After breakfast we went hat shopping and you got a chance to stretch your legs in the little play area around 29th Street. Even though it was a pretty calm day we found out that playground channels what little wind there is and makes a crazy sort of wind tunnel for those playing in it. You thought it was pretty cool! We ended up at Gymboree and found you a great hat for the summer and then make our usual stop in the Apple store just to browse. Daddy’s getting a new iPad 3 this week and Mommy was quick to remind me that we already own most everything in that store and do not need more!


In the afternoon at home I finally got around to installing some cabinet locks in the kitchen (much to your dismay), but you’re so mobile and curious that we’re constantly afraid you’re going to kill yourself on them. Of course, when I asked you to test them out you proceeded directly to the one door that doesn’t have a lock yet (we have an odd number!), opened it, stick a few fingers in, and tried to close it on yourself. More locks will be ordered…

Finally with all the daylight we had a chance to take a wonderful evening walk, just the three of us. Mommy and I used to take walks together constantly when we were first dating and I lived on 6th Street in Boulder, sometimes just around the block or to the park but often all the way down to Pearl Street for Chipotle or Cold Stone ice cream. We stopped taking them as much with both of us working and being busy, but it’s something I’m really glad to start doing more again with you along! We had a beautiful sunset with amber glowing clouds over the mountains as we headed back to the house.

Dinner was fun as always with you meticulously poking through your finger foods while we chat about our day and occasionally (don’t tell anyone!) contribute to your shenanigans. No matter how crazy or simple our days are we always try to have dinner as a family and it makes a great end to the day. After dinner I did your bath routine as usual and we snuck in a little bit of piano before eye rubs, or as Mommy likes to say, “you’re tired sweetie”. As you were starting to snooze on the bottle Mommy and I told you about each of our favorite parts of the day, something we’ve fallen into with your bedtime routine that I absolutely love and hope we keep doing as long as you’ll let us! You gave me a heart-warming little wave, I-love-you chest bump, and blew us both kisses before nodding off for the night.

This is what a great typical weekend day as a family looks like at one year old!