Fun Spring Weekends as a Family

Dear BabyBird,

We’re having so much fun on the weekends now that it’s warming up this Spring! I thought the end of last Summer was fun when we were able to start walking, running and going to the park, but your curiosity and mobility this year are taking it to a whole new level.

Last weekend we went to the zoo where you happily pointed out everything new to us, and a few weeks before that we did the aquarium. This weekend we managed to get out early for a beautiful hike along the St. Vrain Trail near Jamestown which had plenty of shade, a little bit of snow, and tons of fun stuff for you to discover! It was our first hike of the season on a real trail (no stroller, just the Ergo carrier) and you were pretty happy with it though eventually got tired of being on our backs and want to switch to the front or just be carried in our arms for a bit.

In a few places the trail went right down by a creek and you loved looking at the water, seeing the splash when we tossed in a rock, and stepping bravely over every log you could find (still with our help!), and almost right into the water if Mommy would let you! You played with the pine needles on a big rock and giggled as Mommy walked through the trees nearby, so full of wonder at everything going on. Even though we made this one a quick day hike it was a big hit and we’ll have to do more like it with a picnic lunch or something soon. You’re so close to walking and as soon as you’re able to totter around all on your own I know you’ll love exploring the outdoors with us even more!

After we got home from our hike we all got another special treat: you got to spend the evening with Grandparents while we enjoyed our first evening night out in a very long time! Actually, as silly as it sounds we miss you a ton when we go out together without you – even though we barely ever do, and it’s only for a couple hours – but seeing you have so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa and the joy it brings them to have special one-on-one time with you makes it a little easier. You’ve started to relax a lot more around strangers or family you don’t see quite as often and had a great night of silliness with them at our house while we grabbed dinner in Boulder and then saw the movie The Hunger Games which Mommy has been really excited for. You were snoozing soundly when we got home with a glowing report from Grandparents – good work!

I know I spend a lot of time working during the week – the whole startup thing can be long days and nights at the most unexpected times – but I’m really glad I get to come home each night and be with you from the early evening though dinner and bedtime and no matter what that time’s all about us. I love when you and Mommy stop into Boulder during the day for quick ice cream or coffee and you’re really lucky to spend two days a week with her. It’s been a great rebalance for us and even if you’re just running errands or doing stuff around the house on the days you two are home together it always leaves you in a great mood and I can tell how much you love getting that extra time with her! Still, being at work five days in a row myself really makes me appreciate the weekends when we can spend the whole day as a family. I feel like I’m getting to rediscover so many fun things that I’m not quite sure why we stopped doing, but are getting a great excuse to do again with you along.

Hopefully we can sneak a real vacation in soon and spend a week this way!