My little man. You are ONE.

You wake up regularly at 7am. Although some mornings you sleep in til 7:30am, those are generally the mornings that we need to get up early, eat breakfast and get to school so mommy can get to work on time. You go to bed by 8pm and sleep soundly through the night. Thank you! This gives me a full night’s rest and an hour or two each night to unwind, blog, browse the internet Pinterest.

You love fruit. Grapes, blueberries, strawberries, pears, pretty much any fruit. I have to save this as the 2nd part of your meal so you’ll actually touch the main dish of either mac & cheese with veggies, quesadillas, pasta with tomato sauce {very messy} and whatever is on my plate that I can share with you. I do appreciate that you are pretty adventurous with your food and will at least try what is placed in front of you.

You love to mimic us. You can click your tongue, shake your head no and giggle, blow kisses, blow rasberries, give us kisses on the cheek, and give the sweetest {and shortest} hugs. You say ‘Uh Oh’ all day long. Especially when we are eating and you drop food on the floor, you’ll look over and point down at the floor and say ‘Uh Oh’.

You have been great at baby sign language. You signal for milk, and for when you want more.

My kitchen cabinets have been the best source of entertainment these last few weeks. I re-organized one to just contain plastic items for you to go, dump out and be able to hang out with me while I’m in the kitchen.

You can point to your nose, head and answer how big you are when we ask. I think you are beginning to really understand and comprehend us when we talk to you.

Wearing 12-18 month sized clothes and pants. At your one year check up, you grew 3″ from the previous appointment at 3 months. I swear one day all of a sudden all of your clothes were too short, guess it wasn’t the dryer afterall.

We just introduced you to cow milk and started to add a few oz in your bottles each day. Gradually in the next few weeks/months we will be weening you off the bottle. A true sign that you are no longer a baby and indeed a toddler. I don’t know if this will be harder on you or on me and missing our snuggle time.

Our bedtime routine has been wonderful. We do the exact same thing every night. Bath, with a foam letter and number as your sponsors for the night, dry off, a game or two of peek-a-boo, lotion, PJs and getting zipped up in your sleep sack. Daddy does it all. Then I come in with a nicely warmed bottle of milk, we settle down, say what the best part of the day was, and we rock and drink milk. Followed by a quick burp, a hug and a kiss on the cheek and I set you down in your crib. Most of the time you roll over to your side and by the time I leave dark room, you have started to drift off.

Each night when Daddy comes home and you hear the garage door open, you stop whatever you are playing with and get so excited to get yourself over to the door to see who is coming in. And once you lay eyes on Daddy, you proudly proclaim ‘Da-Da’ or a ‘Da-Do’ and reach up for a hug. I know this melts your Daddy’s heart more than anything.

Now you aren’t sunshine and roses all the time. You have protested getting into your car seat, the arched back and stiff as a board body that just won’t bend enough so I can strap you in. But once you are strapped in, you are fine. You’ve shown a little more spunk when things don’t go your way. When a toy won’t work the way you want, or if I dare say no to playing with the fireplace, wires, my swivel chair, anything that your little chubby fingers can get pinched doing, you actually get mad. I have to bite my tongue {literally} so I don’t burst out laughing and encourage this behavior.

We made it through a year, thank you for teaching me patience and a love that I never knew before.