Just one second…

Mommy is going to put these dishes away and clean up the kitchen real quick, and then we will head upstairs for your nap.

Oh dear, I’m sorry bud. I promise I’ll tuck you into bed for your nap, once I stop giggling and taking your picture.

Our Weekend

Friday: Met a new mom friend and her adorable son who is about 6 months older than BabyBird at a new indoor play place. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this place and how awesome it is to finally have a fun place to take toddlers to, but my impression of it? Eh. I don’t get the hype. It was dark, dingy, and had a few okay toys spread across two rooms. I love the idea, how it is a kid place during the day and then a safe night club for teens in the evenings. But as for a venue for the 1st birthday bash? Nope. So the search is still on for a good indoor venue. Is it wrong of me to kinda wish my kid was born in a warmer month?

We came home and rushed through a quick diaper change, and guzzled down a bottle just in time for his morning nap. After laying him down and tucking him in, I sneaked out of the room and came downstairs. Did he cry? Nope. However, he did babble and talk to himself and sing for the next 30 minutes while I was downstairs on the computer just listening to him. Then the babbling turned into whines and those whines slowly grew into cries realizing that he was left in his room alone. But 10 minutes later, silence. He fell asleep. After awhile I went up and checked on him, and what did he do? He took off his socks and threw them over the crib. Apparently we like to nap without socks on.


Lunch. Oh meal time. This kid just does not eat. Two bites of this, a few bites of that, a few crackers and we are all done. He refuses to let me spoon feed him anymore with my very yummy purees that I slave over a hot stove to make for him. But packaged (although they are the organic brand) mac & cheese with pees is his all time favorite. But he can’t just eat this for every meal, right?

Texted the nanny that watches two boys during the day if they wanted to meet us at the local rec center, unfortunately nap times did not match and they could not meet us, but we stopped by their house on our way home to say hi and see how much they have grown. BabyBird looks like a peanut next to these two giants. The youngest is only 4 months older.

Stopped by the rec center, and the location was perfect. Great indoor play area in a forest theme and the party room is just across the hall. Called and they have our day available. Yay! I’m excited to throw his sock monkey themed birthday party, but more on that later.

Two outings and …. a grocery store run! The grocery store at 4pm on a Friday is a beautiful thing, aka it was empty. After leaving a trail of goldfish crackers crumbs down most of the aisles (opps, sorry Safeway) we were in and out in under 25 minutes.

Saturday: A bit of a rough start in the morning, but as we were getting ready to head out to the library, one of our friends from the birthing class we took together texted me and invited us down to the Children’s Museum, a bit last minute but thought it would be a fun outing on such a cold day. Packed up the car and headed down.

The Museum was packed, and busier since it was a weekend and on such a cold day. Their son is a couple of weeks younger than BabyBird and was fun to watch the interaction between the two. The museum was wonderful and we have to go visit again on a weekday when it’s not as busy. Lots of things to do and room to walk and crawl around. The infant/toddler area was beautifully designed and had a great area for the little ones to explore without worrying if they’d get hurt or trampled on by the older kids.