Are you mad, Bro?

Somewhere around the 10 month mark, you have developed a little personality. There are things that you like (iPhones, music, puffs) and then there are things you do not like (getting in your car seat, getting in your high chair, getting your diaper changed, getting dressed… are we noticing a theme here?) so basically you have started to hate it whenever we are getting you to do anything. But lately, you have started to get mad and frustrated at normal everyday things. Like when a toy just won’t fit right, or something is annoying you, like your favorite shape sorter box. You were so fed up with it the other night, you threw it down, then picked I up and threw it down harder. Then out of sheer anger or frustration you laid down and started to throw a little tantrum, complete with crying and kicking. We just sat there completely shocked and just absorbing this new development in all it’s glory, and secretly trying not to laugh in fear that it would just enrage you even more. But it was funny this time. So please remind me of this, when you are 2 or 3 years old and throw your 483th tantrum of the day.

Uh oh…

It’s dark outside and I hear the garage door open and the vroom of a car pulling in.

Momma: Oh honey, I think Daddy’s home

As Daddy walks in the house

BabyBird: Uh… Oh!

Laughter ensues as we remark on the timing of BabyBird’s comment.


There is absolutely something sweet about a 10 month old baby offering his goldfish crackers to you, one at a time with his chubby little fingers. These crackers were a staple in Daddy’s diet as a kid, teenager and heck even these days and it was beyond adorable watching the two of them share a bag.

So not to always paint a rosy picture of BabyBird, he does have his moments too. Yesterday, after finishing a bottle he spit up. Not just a little spit up that could be wiped away, but enough to warrant a change of clothes which led to a bath, to which then led to a change of clothes and shower for Daddy. Why so much spit up? Well the kid stuck his finger down his throat. Not on purpose, well at least I hope not. But he’s been doing this the last few weeks, chewing on his fingers. I think it feels good on his gums. Anyway, today after lunch he was chewing on his fingers again and Daddy sternly said the awful and heartbreaking word that no 10 month old wants to hear… No! And what was BabyBird’s reaction? A. Complete. Meltdown. Big sobs and tears streaming down his face after hearing this word, but I think it was more of the tone. Then just for kicks, after he stopped crying, Daddy said it again when he tried to jam his fingers down his throat again, and sure enough the same reaction. We tried our best not to laugh at the situation and how he does understand the word. We are in trouble when he’s 2 years old right?

It’s Friday… Friday… Gotta get down on Friday

We are looking forward to the weekend!

Okay, so it’s not actually Friday, but today was my Friday at the office. I am so looking forward to the weekend.

Tomorrow we have the appraisal guy coming to see our house and give us the good news on whether or not we can refinance the mortgage. And tomorrow afternoon is my first play group with the girls from Parenting Place, an absolute life saver when I was home on maternity leave. Sharing how our weeks were going with brand new little humans in the world while we shared tips on how to get through the sheer sleep depravation and feedings to explosive diapers, what was normal and what was not. It creates this amazing bond with a group of other moms knowing that we have all shared the same experience. Living through the first 3 months of being a mom! We are headed to the World of Wonder Children’s Museum excited to see them all and hang out.