Not feeling good

On Sunday we noticed that BabyBird wasn’t being himself and was running a low fever. By the evening, he was fussy and just plain miserable. Started out with a running nose and then developed a poor hacking cough and just could not get comfortable at all. He is usually a great sleeper at night, but Sunday night he was up every hour and was just restless. Inbetween one of the wakes, I rushed to get ready for bed and got everything I needed for the night. Poor baby just wanted to snuggle and sleep on my chest, so that’s what we did, or rather tried doing. I setup my side of the bed with pillows in preparation for me to sit up so he could lay on my chest and be elevated, I think that helped with his cough and running nose, but he just couldn’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep so he wiggled and tossed and turned from midnight to about 2am. One stretch in there we co-slept for about 45 minutes with him laying next to me in my arms. Throughout the night, we moved from between my bed to the rocking chair to his crib and back and forth. By the morning, we were both exhausted. I called the doctor’s office and we booked an appointment on Monday, and after a few simple tests and listening to his chest, the doctor and the PA in training, said that he had the croup. I was expecting an ear infection, since he gets them so easily, but unfortunately it was something else this time. He was coughing all night long, which sounded like a wet seal/barking dog.

Snoozing in my arms

Tuesday we hanged around the house and he was just the biggest cuddle bunny and did not want to play or be set down.

Towards the afternoon, he seemed to be getting better and his spirits were up. It was in the late afternoon and about time for his 2nd nap, so we went upstairs and got the room ready and sat and rocked with a warm bottle. He seemed drowsy so I laid him down and left the room. Not a peep and about 25 minutes later, I went back in to check on him and to tuck him in, totally expecting to find a sleeping baby, but when I walked into his nursery, I was surprised to find a happy guy just sitting in his crib playing with his blanket and pulling his socks off. Little guy was just sitting there playing soo quietly for 25 minutes by himself and just content. Once he saw me, he raised his arms up and wanted to be picked up and held.

::knock on wood:: so far, he has been snoozing away for the last 2 hours without any wakes, so I hope he gets some sleep tonight which translates into some sleep for this momma.