Woke up to a cold day. A high of 30. Brr. Heard BabyBird start to stir before he fully awoke at 7:45am this morning (thank you for sleeping in today!) and went in to his nursery and peeped over his crib rails to find him just laying and playing with the sock monkeys in his crib, and to the delight and surprise of seeing mommy watching him from above, I got the best surprised squeak of joy.


Hanged out in our room in your warm fleece jammies.

Look at that face! My poor attempt at setting him down so I could get up and out of my jammies. But with those eyes, it did not happen. So downstairs we went for your usual breakfast of apple/banana/pear puree mixed with oatmeal. Daddy came downstairs to say bye before heading off to work. We hanged out downstairs and played, had a bottle and took your morning nap. I took this opportunity for a quick snooze myself.

But Mommmmma!

After lunch, we did a quick trip to Target for baby supplies and picked up a baby gift. One of Daddy’s co-workers just had her 2nd baby boy, and I had fun going through the newborn section of Target. So itty bitty clothes.

BabyBird cracked me up at Target. You just sat there looking in one direction and then the other as I pushed the cart around. For some reason, Target you don’t mind. I did let you play with a toy when we were in the baby section, but other than that you were on the best behavior. And you just enjoy sitting there looking at everything.

Hanging out at Target

Looking around

Are we done shopping yet?

On our way home, I debated between going to the grocery store or our the rect center, and decided at the last minute to head to the rect center instead. They have a nice indoor play area all padded with a little section for toddlers. We went in and you knew exactly what to do since we were there last weekend. We met another sweet baby girl who was 2 years old and you just absolutely adored her. BabyBird was babbling and following her around the place and just wanted to play with her. It was sweet watching you interact with her from a distance. Other than helping ::ahem… more like catching you as you try to hurl yourself down the slide head first:: from time to time, I let you crawl around on your own.


Oh hai!

Came home, had a bottle and you were tired and took a nap. I cleaned up, Daddy came home with dinner, playtime, bath and bedtime.

Best Part of Momma’s Day: The surprised and happy look on your face when I came in to your nursery this morning.

Best Part of Daddy’s Day: Watching you do a headstand into the storage ottoman in your playroom.