First Library Trip

We ventured out on a windy Sunday afternoon to our neighborhood library. I’ve only been there once before a few years ago to check it out when it first opened and I was impressed to see all the new technology on how to check out. Now the books have RFID tags inside and you just simple set a whole stack at once and it will register what books you are checking out. Amazing! Such an improvement to the old days of card slots and scanning each book in.

Hanging out at the library

It was a pretty quiet day since it was in the late afternoon, the children’s area was great and had low book bins to browse for books. BabyBird was very excited and was the most vocal about his excitement that I have ever heard out in public. But maybe because it was so quiet that we heard you, but it cracked us up that you were making so much noise in the library.

Checking out the toys

We headed over to a donut looking table with puzzles and toys. It was too cute watching you play and crawl in and out of the area.

We walked around and checked out the special bookshelf for just board books.

Climbing the bookshelf

We borrowed Llama Llama Mad at Mama, and the original Curious George along with a few other simple board books.