11 Months Old

You are 11 months old today.

:: You love peas, they are you favorite finger food right now. You also eat mac & cheese, corn, black beans, and puffs.

Eating a cracker

:: Super fast crawler and love to play “fetch” with yourself, as you throw one of your balls and then crawl after it.

:: This month you have been a great sleeper. Like clock work, Daddy gives you a bath each night, followed by lotion and PJs, and I come in with a warm bottle we rock and cuddle as you drink your milk. A quick burp and some snuggles, a kiss goodnight, and I turn off the light. Then I lay you down, most of the time still awake in your crib and hand you Monkey and you fall asleep on your own and sleep through the night. You wake up consistently at 7am on the dot every morning.

:: You take a morning nap around 10:30am, and another one around 3:30pm. Each for about an hour.

Little Peanut

:: Go to bed around 7:30pm each night, and wake up promptly at 7am.

:: Very ticklish on your legs and the bottom of your feet.

:: Wearing 12-16 month shirts, and pants. You outgrew your Christmas outfit in 3 weeks. Wearing a size large sleep sack. But still in size 3 diapers.

:: Still using your infant aka “bucket” car seat but I think you will be outgrowing that very soon and will be getting you a toddler car seat.

:: Very expressive and you love to laugh.

:: No fear of anything. Crawling on the very edge of the bed, no problem!

:: You can climb up the stairs with assistance/personal catcher.

:: We are starting to see a lot more personality and a little temper here and there.

:: Slow fall, when you are sitting and then you slowly fall backwards when you see that I am watching and nearby. Naturally of course momma runs and catches you just before your head hits the floor.

:: Resist highchair/chair seat. Arched back. Stiff legs that don’t bend. Yup, you’ve mastered this one.

:: You have one crooked bottom tooth.

Happy 11th months old my sweet boy, I can’t believe that you will be 1 year old in just a few weeks. The time has moved faster than I would like and I am so proud of you every single day.