There is absolutely something sweet about a 10 month old baby offering his goldfish crackers to you, one at a time with his chubby little fingers. These crackers were a staple in Daddy’s diet as a kid, teenager and heck even these days and it was beyond adorable watching the two of them share a bag.

So not to always paint a rosy picture of BabyBird, he does have his moments too. Yesterday, after finishing a bottle he spit up. Not just a little spit up that could be wiped away, but enough to warrant a change of clothes which led to a bath, to which then led to a change of clothes and shower for Daddy. Why so much spit up? Well the kid stuck his finger down his throat. Not on purpose, well at least I hope not. But he’s been doing this the last few weeks, chewing on his fingers. I think it feels good on his gums. Anyway, today after lunch he was chewing on his fingers again and Daddy sternly said the awful and heartbreaking word that no 10 month old wants to hear… No! And what was BabyBird’s reaction? A. Complete. Meltdown. Big sobs and tears streaming down his face after hearing this word, but I think it was more of the tone. Then just for kicks, after he stopped crying, Daddy said it again when he tried to jam his fingers down his throat again, and sure enough the same reaction. We tried our best not to laugh at the situation and how he does understand the word. We are in trouble when he’s 2 years old right?