It’s Friday… Friday… Gotta get down on Friday

We are looking forward to the weekend!

Okay, so it’s not actually Friday, but today was my Friday at the office. I am so looking forward to the weekend.

Tomorrow we have the appraisal guy coming to see our house and give us the good news on whether or not we can refinance the mortgage. And tomorrow afternoon is my first play group with the girls from Parenting Place, an absolute life saver when I was home on maternity leave. Sharing how our weeks were going with brand new little humans in the world while we shared tips on how to get through the sheer sleep depravation and feedings to explosive diapers, what was normal and what was not. It creates this amazing bond with a group of other moms knowing that we have all shared the same experience. Living through the first 3 months of being a mom! We are headed to the World of Wonder Children’s Museum excited to see them all and hang out.