The force is strong with this one

I’ve always been a fan of the Star Wars movies. Actually if my memory is correct, I think it was a Star Wars movie that first gave us an excuse to start hanging out one summer, but that’s a different story.

Recently, Daddy has been playing around and pretending to use the force/sith lightning on BabyBird’s toys as a joke while making a hissing sound. Now BabyBird has picked it up and mimics the hand gestures and sound after we do it. It. is. adorable. And beyond cute that this mini man is copying what we do.

Emperor BabyBird


On the same note of playing around, he absolutely does not like it when one of us pretends to hurt the other person. On a whim one night a few weeks ago, we were playing indoor baseball with an old tube from wrapping paper. Daddy hit the ball towards me and I pretended to flop over and play dead. BabyBird freaked out and started to cry in a scared/worried way. Thinking that it was just because momma got hurt, we tried it again on Daddy and he had the same reaction again. Sweet boy, does not like seeing other people get hurt.